Over the last three decades McQueens Flowers has become one of the most sought-after florists in the world. Over the years, the business has moved with the times from opulence to responsibility and sustainability. Flowers are a fragile and environment-dependant product, so it’s not surprising that McQueens Flowers fully understand that small actions can have a big impact. They are determined to be the best flower business in the world to work for, completely committed to the wellbeing of people, communities and the environment.

Positive Luxury

In 2019, we were honoured to receive the Positive Luxury Butterfly Mark for our measurable impact and action to sustainability. 

Waste, Foam Free and Co2 Reduction

McQueens Flowers has an overall mission to reduce waste, responsibly consume energy and to eliminate the use of unsustainable materials. All of the electricity we use comes from renewable sources and we are planning to replace our van fleet with low or zero emission vehicles by April of 2022. Due to a lot of tropical and out-of-season florals  now being grown in Europe, accessing those flowers now helps us to reduce our carbon footprint.  We are also proudly reducing the use of our floral foam by 50 percent , and are constantly engaged with foam manufacturers to support innovation so we can produce a compostable alternative to the foam.

Diversity And Inclusion

In line with our mission to be “the best flower business in the world to work for,” McQueens Flowers has a number of policies in place, including paying a local living wage in every city we work in. We also report on our performance in terms of the gender pay gap, and are committed to closing it within our business, alongside distributing a large portion of our profits to our employees who have worked at the company for at least six months, along with enhancing their skills through their Flower School Tutor Training programme. 

Our People And Suppliers

McQueens Flowers works directly with their suppliers and stays on top of any issues they might have by helping them develop an action plan. We only work with suppliers who share their same standards of ethics and sustainability. All of our suppliers sign a variety of flower industry-specific codes of conduct, they are members of the Floriculture Sustainability Initiative, and sign up to our McQueens Flowers policies. When it comes to floral design, McQueens Flowers gives customers the option to receive their arrangements without floral foam, and have introduced a gardening division so customers can create longer-lasting designs. We have also redesigned our packaging and ensure that our flower bags are 100 percent biodegradable. We have also reduced our consumption of cellophane by 80 percent, and introduced a biodegradable alternative, Nativia. Lastly, McQueens Flowers switched to recyclable cardboard boxes rather than plastic crates for the transport of their retail orders, and they combine orders to maximise efficiency.